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My Experience

I pride myself on recognizing the potential of each of my unique students. I offer a personalized approach that is custom built for each student. Since I began working as a Certified Special Education teacher and Reading Specialist in 2008, I’ve had great results. I’m patient, caring and ready to help your child become a stronger reader.  Get in touch today to find out more about my services.


I offer one on one tutoring for students with a variety of reading difficulties. Our relationship begins with a free consultation to ensure that we establish goals for instruction that are  targeted specifically to you student's needs. 

Initial informal assessments

Initial informal assessments will include analysis of any testing that has been done previously with your student, as well as administration of informal assessments to ensure that areas of need are clarified.

Progress monitoring

Ongoing monitoring of student progress is performed according to the agreed upon schedule that is usually based on the tutoring interval.

Progress Reporting

Reports of progress provided according to the agreed upon schedule. These may be monthly or provided for upcoming school meetings as arranged.


132 Prock Hill Road

Colebrook, CT 06021




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